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Trampoline Pro Shop Announces New Range of Trampolines

Publish Date 2013-01-11
Trampoline Pro Shop, the leading supplier of trampolines and trampoline parts, announced the launch of a new range of trampolines. The new range includes Round Trampoline, Rectangular Trampoline, Square Trampoline and Octagon trampoline. They are offering the industry’s widest range of trampolines.

Trampoline Pro Shop leads the industry in excellence, cost and modernization. Mentioned below are the products available for their Trampolines Range:

Round trampoline (12 ft Round Trampoline, 13.5 ft Round Trampoline)

Round trampoline keeps the jumper towards the middle of the trampoline. As a result, round trampolines are more often preferred by parents of small children’s.

Rectangular Trampoline (9'x15' Rectangular Trampolines, 9'x17' Rectangular Trampoline, 10'x17' Rectangle Trampolines, 15'x17' Rectangle Trampoline)

Rectangle trampoline is specifically designed to give the jumper the maximum bounce among all other available shapes.

Square Trampoline (8'x8' Square Trampoline, 15'x15' Square Trampoline)

Square trampolines are capable to fit into a corner easily as well provide a great deal of jumping space. One more reason people like square trampolines may be due to their unique shape.

Octagon Trampoline (16 ft Octagon Trampoline)

Octagon trampoline is excellent for the families looking for extremely heavy duty trampoline with larger space and higher jump.

“Trampolines can be a great source of exercise for kids and adults. All trampolines can be ordered with Premium Safety Pad (optional), Enclosure (Optional)”

One of the best ways to make a decision if a trampoline is accurate for you is to inquire yourself, what do you want from your backyard trampoline? Make the right investment of purchasing a trampoline today. Trampoline is a great form of work out and anticipation for the entire family.

Trampoline Pro Shop ship by UPS Ground to destinations in the lower 48 US states.

Trampoline Pro Shop is headquartered in Hartwell, GA, USA. For more information visit Trampoline Pro Shop.

Trampoline Pro Shop Announces New Range of Trampolines

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